11 Common Texts Women Send To Men: Decoded!

Have you ever wondered if you were friend zoned but didn’t know how to find out for sure without making a total fool of yourself?

Women are difficult to read. Some women are downright impossible to read! There’s an extremely fine invisible line between a guy that tweaks their romantic interest and a guy that’s a good guy. A good guy is someone they can cry to, get advice on how to deal with other guys from, or hang out with when their feeling lonely and depressed.

Unfortunately, sometimes the good guy doesn’t realize he’s just that, a good guy. He thinks there’s a chance for more. So, how can you tell if you’ve been put into the black hole, also known as, the friend zone?

If she calls you her BFF, you have definitely been friend-zoned!
We’ve decoded the 11 most common text messages women send to guys they’ve friend zoned, and we’re here to share our findings.
Say What?
When you misunderstand the meaning of the word ‘brother.’