14 Breakup Texts That Are So Brutal You’ll Feel Sorry For Them!

Breaking up with someone is definitely hard to do, and young people nowadays seem to have figured out a way to avoid some of the painful awkwardness of it all: They break up with each other via text message. And while it might spare them the discomfort of doing it in person and seeing the person’s face, or getting screamed at by a tearful scorned lover over the phone, there are certain…risks associated with the text message break up. Yes, most of them have to do with autocorrect. Why are we not surprised?

Below, you’ll see some of the most painfully awkward text message breakups committed to your phone’s and soul’s memory. This is proof that when it comes to dumping someone or getting dumped, you’re never 100% safe from it getting weird. #14 is so uncomfortable and hilarious, it will make you simultaneously laugh and cringe at the same time.

#1. There’s no real explanation why this person selectively chooses her vowels, but it’s definitely grounds for a dumping.

#2. When something that could have been romantic goes completely and totally wrong.