14 Toxic Habits That Push Guys Away, #11 is A Total Relationship Killer.

Women often complain that all the good men are taken. It may feel this way but it does not mean this is actually the case. People are complex and hard to understand at times. It’s no wonder that despite how great someone may be, some relationships are bound to fail.

Believe it or not, guys love being in a solid, committed relationship as much as you do. When he asks you out, it’s because he wants to know you better. Other times guys can fall in love instantly with the right woman. Once folks are in a committed and loving union, they tend to fall back on bad habits that just don’t make anyone want to stick around for long.

Here is a list of 14 things women do that drive men absolutely crazy. Some may be trivial and innocent while others are just not healthy behaviours for either party.

#1. Trust in any relationship is important. If you are going to ask him questions, be prepared for his honesty.

Don’t assume he is doing something wrong if he doesn’t respond back to you right away. He is not at your beck and call anymore than you are to his.