19 Teenage Fails You Shouldn’t Laugh At, But You Will Anyway!

Teenagers today are growing up in an extremely different world from previous generations. While raging teenage hormones is something that exists across generations, the rest of us didn’t have the same social media pressures and influences that teens face today.

In the past, teens recorded most of their memories and communicated the old school way. Journals, letters, phone calls, and photographs. Soon after, blogging sites like Xanga, launched 17 years ago in 1999, and chat applications such as AOL Instant Messenger, which came out 19 years ago in 1997, moved the journaling and communication to a digital platform. Still, not all teens had success to the computer or Internet at this time.

Today, it is not uncommon for youth, some in elementary school, to have the latest smart phones to browse the Internet, play games, post original content, and text or video chat with friends.

Some things that have deeply affected today’s teens include Facebook, Instagram, Justin Bieber, Snapchat, Tumblr, and so much more. Scroll below to see the types of shenanigans that teens are up to today.

#1. It isn’t news that we experience heartbreak around this age.

But to post a series of sad selfies online? That’s pretty sad.

#2. Growing that beard.

Hey, we applaud this kid for celebrating small victories!


#3. A group of teens looked at this guitar and complained.

They couldn’t figure out why the shop carried Confederate flag guitars.

#4. Bieber Fever made these teen girls cry.

They had no words. Their dreams came true. There are still so many teenagers who would react the same way today.