19 Teenage Fails You Shouldn’t Laugh At, But You Will Anyway!

#5. You think you’re getting your innocent daughter a poster of her favorite singer.

And then she does this. Hey, at least she’s practicing safe sex.. (well, by not actually having it).

#6. This is how some of them treat their valuables.

It appears to be a careless teen, but they’re actually just testing out their waterproof phone. Another thing about teens these days: they have access to amazing technology, or at least a step up from AOL.


#7. Teens at Target be like.

This is why you should keep your shoes on (or just try clothes on at home and take note of the return policy). Who knows what happens in the fitting rooms nowadays? Do we even want to know?

#8. This guy wanted to ask her to prom.

When it comes to prom, there’s a lot of pressure on the person doing the asking. Asking is hard enough but teens today are constantly trying to outdo one another. Some folks use flowers while others might create a larger banner. This guy got a tattoo. What do you think? Would you have said yes to this over the top teen?