4 Honest Advices to Keep Your Relationship Perfect!

People ask me the secret to a healthy and long-lasting relationship. They read a lot here and there and start applying those things without really understanding the effects of a certain action on the other person. I have not been in a very successful relationship. Things got so bad at one time that I wondered if we could part ways. Thankfully, things are much better now. We both took some basic steps and we are happy and much settled today. Here is the secret to keep your relationship perfect:

1.Don’t overreact

The first way to keep your relationship sane and healthy is by this advice: stop overreacting. This was the root cause in most of our fights. I would make a mistake and he would end up staying mad at me for days. He would do something stupid and I would mock him for days too. We were both culprits. When you notice that the other person has made a mistake, the first thing you must do is that you should remind yourself that they are only human. Human beings are prone to mistakes. You need to know that sometimes, our circumstances take us over and we end up making stupid mistakes. They are not intentional so you can let them go.


2.Don’t overthink

Keep your cool in a relationship by not overthinking. Overthinking, like my therapist says, is the problem of this generation of ours. We all overthink, and we overthink a lot. We have the abilities to keep ourselves happy but we tend to ruin it by thinking about it over and over again. If your partner did something or said something, let it go. Don’t spend hours thinking about what he could have meant and what he really meant. Just learn to let things. Utilize this weakness of yours and make it your strength. Overthink you assignment from university or ways to work effectively at work etc.