9 Fears that keep you from Falling in Love!

Love is not a feeling to be controlled by anyone. It’s simply out of the hand of a person to fall or to abstain from falling in love with the other. It just knocks the door and spread its spell on the person’s heart and mind.

Some people have so many fears and insecurities regarding love that they control their emotion and give up before even letting the other person know about it. There are many possible fears that withhold the person from falling in love. Some of those possible fears are:

1.Dark and gloomy past:

Some people are scared to fall in love because they have a gloomy past. They fear that the person whom they tend to fall in love will not accept their past. They also fear that the person will leave him helpless and in the middle of a relationship. Therefore, they prefer to stay single instead of falling in love.

2.Fear of rejection:

Sometimes, a person may love someone secretly but too afraid to let him/her know. He may think that the other person is superior or exceptional to be in a relationship with him/her. Due to this kind of insecurity, the person abstains from falling in love.