Are You Also Between 18 – 42 Years Old? Yes? Please Read This. It’s Useful For 18 – 42!

COS, or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome affects 10% of women. Its caused by increased level of male hormone (androgens) in females. This is a very common health issue among women of age 18-42, but still many of them are not aware about this. Its very important to keep in mind the symptoms related to PCOS, to take righ treatment. We are going to list down 6 recommended symptoms to get you started and also clear your doubts :

1. A hormonal Ailment

Women suffer from increased generation of androgen (or male hormone). This hormonal imbalance changes the body in number of ways like increased weight, missed periods, acne and also interference with ovulation cycle.


2. It is Not Entirely About Cysts

Its not only due to cysts. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms as mentioned in the above point, just go for ultrasound, as it can be detected under same.


3. PCOS Causes Infertility in Women

Irregularity happens in periods due to PCOS, and it increases the risk of getting pregnant. But no worries, as this, can be treated at correct time. Affected women can take help of their doctors to get back their cycle in order. There are many oral contraceptives also available in market to regulate menstrual cycle.