Man Cleverly Proposes By Sneaking Hidden Message Into Love Letters Over 3 Years!

I Love You

Tim and Candice are proof that fairytale love still exists in 2017, and they’re going viral for their display of love and affection towards one another over the years. They lived close by each other, but Tim still decided to send Candice love letters over the course of their three-year relationship.


Capital Letters

Tim send 14 lovely handwritten letters in total, but Candice quickly noticed each one began with an intricately drawn, capitalized letter. “Tim and I didn’t live far away from each other but we sent letters because the idea of having our hearts poured out in the form of paper meant we had tangible memories to look back on,” Candice said.


Will You Marry Me?

After receiving all 14 letters, Candice still didn’t realize that together they created one very special and life changing question. Tim said he began planning the proposal a week into dating, but knew he had to stretch it out until it felt like the perfect time to pop the question.