She Spent 2 Years Taking Selfies With Random Couples While They’re Making Out!

Some people just can’t seem to help themselves. The need to capture every single moment of their lives in the form of a selfie is just another part of their day like taking a shower or putting their shoes on.

It could be a case of narcissism, trying to be relevant, or simply wanting to feel like a reality TV celebrity, that makes folks unable to control the urge to be constantly sharing everything through social media.One Reddit user who goes by the name sofiagia, admits the only reason she goes out is to have her photo taken.

Except she is not showing us her meal, pouty lips, or having drinks with friends. For the last two years this woman has been happily snapping photos of herself with couples kissing and making out, without them even noticing. These are the best selfies ever.


At first it appears she is hanging out with friends who are just getting too hot to handle in public.



Nope! These are people she has never met before.